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Do I always have to wear my seatbelt?

Yes, every person who is a driver or passenger in a motor vehicle MUST occupy a seat with a working seatbelt and wear that seatbelt properly with lap belt and shoulder assembly if available.

What does this mean?

  • No person may ride in the box of a truck
  • You may only have as many passengers as there are working seatbelts
  • No person may ride in the trunk, on the floor or on someone else’s lap
  • You may NOT share a seatbelt with another person

Infants 0-20lbs

  • Must be in a rear facing car seat
  • Must not be in the front seat of a vehicle if the front air bag is activated

Toddlers 20-40lbs

  • Must be in a forward facing car seat

Child 40-80lbs

  • Must be in a booster seat in a position with the lap and shoulder belt assembly.

16 Years and Older

  • For persons under 16 years of age, the driver is responsible to ensure that they are wearing their seatbelt.