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What are the laws pertaining to Firearm Safety?

Most people use what is considered a non-restricted firearm, which is mainly used in hunting activities. Under the Firearms Act, everyone who possesses or acquires a firearm must have a firearms licence.

Under the Firearms Licences Regulations there are special adaptations for Aboriginal people who meet all three of the following criteria:

  1. They must be a member of one of the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada (Indian, Inuit and Metis) or a beneficiary under a treaty referred to in section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982
  2. They must be a member of an Aboriginal Community
  3. They must engage in the traditional hunting practices of their community. 


Non-Restricted Firearms must be UNLOADED AND either:

  • Made inoperable with a secure locking device (such as trigger lock or cable lock); or
  • Have bolts or bolt-carriers removed; or
  • Securely locked in a sturdy container, cabinet or room that cannot be easily broken into;

  • If in areas where it is legal to fire a gun, non-restricted firearms needed for predator control can temporarily be left unlocked and operable, but they must be kept unloaded and all ammunition must be stored separately
  • If in wilderness areas, non-restricted firearms can be left unlocked and/or operable but must be left unloaded (ammunition may be kept nearby)


  • Must be unloaded (with the exception of muzzle-loading rifles, which can be transported loaded between hunting sites so long as the firing cap or flint is removed).
  • If you are pulled over for any reason and have a firearm on board, you should tell the police that you have a firearm and where it is located in the vehicle.
  • Same rules apply for replica firearms.
  • If left unattended in a car, must be locked in the trunk or similar lockable compartment. If the vehicle does not have a trunk or compartment, the firearm must be placed out of sight inside the vehicle and the vehicle must be locked DISPLAY
  • Made inoperable with a secure locking device (such as a trigger lock); or
  • Locked in a sturdy container, cabinet or room that cannot be easily broken into