Auxiliary Officer Summer Student Employment Program

The Wikwemikong Tribal Police Service is a growing professional organization whereby all members of the police service are all required to complete various duties in the course of their employment. As a member of the Wikwemikong Tribal Police Service all members are required to have the required necessary training to assist them in performing their duties.

The Wikwemikong Tribal Police does make an effort to address our mandate for employment requirements and the police service would accept a community member whom expresses an interest in a full time policing career provided that a complete background check has been completed on the community member. If there are no concerns with the background check of the individual then the member would be exposed to an on-the -job training process which would enhance the potential candidate’s chances in obtaining employment with this police service or with another police service.

When an auxiliary member is fully trained and qualified he/she will have the ability to ride along with a General Law Enforcement Officer on routine patrol and he/she will assist the uniformed Police Officer in responding to various calls for service and will perform other related duties throughout their shift.

In the past, the majority of the Auxiliary Officers who have worked with the Wikwemikong Police Service have successfully gained full time employment with the Wikwemikong Police Service or have attained employment with another police service.

All training will be held at the Sudbury Ontario Provincial Police Detachment and the Auxiliary member will be required to have all uniform and equipment with them when they attend at the training location. The training will be conducted by 2 qualified In-Service-Training Officers of the Ontario Provincial Police and the following is a breakdown of the training that the Auxiliary member will receive:

Firearms Training – will include an all day in class and field instruction on the proper use and handling of firearms with training specific to and including the following;

  • An introduction to firearms
  • Basic fundamentals of firearms handling
  • Firearms safety rules
  • Handgun and shotgun manipulation
  • Loading and unloading of handguns and long guns complete administrative load
  • Storage of firearms

Defensive Tactics – this is an all day session where the member will have hands on training on all use of force options including:

  • First aid, CPR and AED training
  • Use of force training
  • Introduction to the use of force options of the baton oleoresin capsicum spray
  • Defence of Edged weapons and the dangers
  • Handcuffing techniques with compliant and aggressive individuals

Upon the successful completion of the above 2-day training sessions the Wikwemikong Police Service will receive written correspondence from the Ontario Provincial Police In-Service-Instructors that the member has completed the necessary training. The Auxiliary member will then be qualified on all required use of use of Force options and is adequately trained to assist the General Law Enforcement Officer in responding to calls for service.

The Auxiliary member will be required to wear a regular police uniform along with the required proper equipment when attending at the mandatory training and when accompanying a General Law Enforcement officer in a police force vehicle during the course of his duties. Although the Auxiliary Officer will not have all use of force equipment issued, he will have acquired all the necessary training in all the use of force options.

As an Auxiliary Officer the member will be required to assist the General Law Enforcement Officer in conducting the following activities:

  • Preserving the peace;
  • Participating in community events and cultural gatherings;
  • Preventing crimes and other offences and providing assistance and encouragement to other persons by:
    • Promoting safe use of vehicles and vessels through education;
    • Conducting preventive patrols and intervening in disturbances to restore the peace;
    • Participating in crime prevention activities, school visits, public education and making referrals to app social agencies;
    • Providing advice on building and property security;
  • Assisting victims of crime;
  • Apprehending criminals, offenders and others who may lawfully be taken into custody;
  • Executing warrants, performing related duties and laying of charges and participating in prosecutions;
  • Serving summonses, subpoenas and other court documents related to offences under relevant Federal and Provincial Laws;
  • Performing the lawful duties as the Police Chief assigns;
  • Attending prescribed training and seminars as directed by the Police Chief;
  • Conducting investigations into reported occurrences with primary jurisdiction within its territory;
  • Searching for missing persons and providing assistance to other police services;
  • Such other duties, not inconsistent with the above, as the Police Chief should direct.

The Auxiliary Officer program is a great opportunity for members to learn on the job of the roles and responsibilities of a General Law Enforcement Officer .

Following the Summer Student Employment Program the Auxiliary Officer if he/she wants can continue with the Auxiliary Officer program and he will be required to complete 10 hours of volunteer training on a monthly basis, if the volunteer time is performed by the member he will maintain his Auxiliary Officer title.